Jägermeister – United we Stream

Online campaign | Concept + Production

Client: Jägermeister
Supported by: Gemeente Amsterdam
Online, multiple platforms


During the COVID-19 lockdown Corona measures led to empty streets, shops and restaurants. People were disconnected in every sense.
The images that we were seeing mainly focused on the day. But, there’s more. The night. The night has changed at least as much as the day, the night has actually disappeared. Amsterdam club life decided to join hands and came up with the “United we Stream” platform allowing people to experience music and dj-sets from their own living room.


Through this concept we want to show the abandoned, normaly so vibrant, Amsterdam Night. We use this “ode to the night” to emphasize how important and meaningful the night is for many of us. By giving a sneakpeak in multiple homes we wanted to show how everybody experiences the night on his/her own personal way. With “United we Stream”, we’re all together apart.


Director: Joep Knevel
Concept: Joep Knevel & Tim Buiting
Producer: Twan Ronnes
Camera: Abel van Dijk
AC: Jeffrey Harmunanto
Photography: Tim Buiting
Edit: Joysi Olijhoek
Music: Meetsysteem
Ijen Mekers
Nachtburgemeester Amsterdam