Portrait for good

Client: Portrait for Good

Photography + video
Online, multiple channels


The Corona crisis affected us all.

As independent photographers, Tim Buiting, Joep van Aert, Maryn Haertel and Max Kneefel saw all their jobs canceled within a few weeks.
Annoying…but at this time there were greater concerns in the world. They felt it was important to take good care of themselves and each other right now.


Together they wondered how they could generate an income with their work and simultaneously contribute to something positive in fighting the Covid-19 crisis. This is how ‘Portrait for Good’ began.

With Portrait For Good they raised money as people could make a donation in exchange for a portrait session. Seventy percent of the amount they raised was donated to Erasmus MC, for research the Covid-19 virus.

In total, they collected more than € 15.000,- and shot over 250 portraits.


Photography: Tim Buiting, Joep van Aert, Maryn Haertel, Max Kneefel
Edit: Luca Wehnes, David Engel