Leger Des Heils Buurthuis

TVC + Online campaign | Concept + Production

Client: Stichting Pluk de Nacht
Video series


Online, multiple platforms


Leger Des Heils helps people to get a second chance. One way to do this is by setting up community centers. The centers play an essential part. But to keep running them, donations are needed. So they asked us to create a commercial that shows the great importance of the centers and inspires the watcher to make a donation.


We wanted to emphasize the importance of the community centers. These locations play a big part in people’s lives. Everybody has their own story and connection. Therefore we chose the approach of making documentary style video. We followed Hilli and Gerard around for a day. Which made sure we got a real and personal look into how the community center plays a role in their daily lives.

This resulted in a commercial that really shows the good work and importance of Leger Des Heils and their community centers.


Regie: Merel Mok
DOP: Abel van Dijk
Geluid Freek Vrijhof
Edit: Milan Potten
Grading: Jeff Harmunato
Account: Bertina Kramer

Special thanks: